December 1st, 2008

bad things


The 'Be Pete Wentz' poetry meme.

1. Put your music player on shuffle

2. The first lines of twenty songs = a poem; the first line of the twenty-first song is the title.

Night, and the Spirit of Life Calling

Lines on your face don't bother me.
Mama, we all go to Hell.
On Vineland past the candle shrine that burns on every night,
She hosts a TV show.

Female to female,
Oh Ron you were so glad when you got that Krum figurine,
'Cause he gets up in the morning.
I'm an alligator.

I want to be the minority.
Playground school bell rings again.
Sleep, my little Kovu.
Let me give you the lowdown.

How does she know you love her?
If you feel so empty.
Welcome to the New World.
I knew how it felt to be another one in need of someone to show the way.

I'll be home for Christmas.
Christmas bells are ringing.
You told me you loved me,
Now, I'm of consenting age to be forgetting you in a cabaret.
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