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Random quotes, mostly QAF. Yay!:

If you're going to be gay, you might as well be fabulous. It's a birthright. -Frank deCaro

Mothers, tell your children: be quick, you must be strong. Life is full of wonder, love is never wrong. Remember how they taught you, how much of it was fear. Refuse to hand it down - the legacy stops here. ~Melissa Etheridge, "Silent Legacy," Yes I Am, 1993

"You know, I always thought Ken was gay."
"He was when I was done with him."

I think God appreciates it even more because He created you in His image. At leats that's what I was always taught. And since God is love and God doesn't make mistakes, then you must be exactly the way he wants you to be, the way he intended you to be. And that goes for every person, every planet, every mountain, every grain of sand, every song, every tear, AND EVERY FAGGOT. We're all His, Emmett. He loves us all.

Blake: I was afraid of disappointing you, of failing again.
Ted: Well, you have. And I can't live with an addict. And I can't make love to an addict. And that sickens me to think about what you're doing to a person I happen to care a whole lot about who obviously cares so little about himself. So I have no choice...except to say goodbye.
Blake: I don't wanna be like this!
Ted: Then check yourself into rehab.

Ben: Does he always kiss you like that?
Michael: About four times a year. Usually when he's really drunk or wants me to shut up.

Brian: Just give me one valid reason why any queer in his right mind would want to bring a kid into this world.
Michael: Hm...
Brian: Can't think of one, can you?
Michael: Wait a minute...hold piss off straight people.

Michael: I'm half Italian and half drag queen. I'm allowed to get worked up.

Ben: You don't take a mouthful of meds, never knowing when they'll stop working, never knowing when a fucking cough or fucking sniffle may land you in the hospital... because to you it is just a fucking cough or a fucking sniffle! And every time I go to kiss you, or suck you, or fuck you, even when we're protected, even then there's always this awful, shitty doubt that maybe, just maybe, you could get infected.

Michael: Well, if it isn't Little Mary Sunshine
Emmett: Little Mary Sunshine died. I'm Little Mary Go Fuck Yourself.

"All God does is watch us and kill us when we get boring. We must never, ever be boring. "

"Go figure, but Texans seem to be a lot more comfortable around disastrous house fires than they are around anal sex."

Brian: How old are you really?
Justin: 20...19...18...
Brian: What is this, a missile launch?
Justin: 17.

Michael: It's disgusting, all those lesbians fawning over him and making goo-goo talk.
Brian: That's what women do over babies.
Michael: Who's talking about the baby? I mean Justin.

Michael: I'm going to my gay home, take off my gay clothes and get into my gay bed.

Michael: For a moment I wished that I, too, could be a lesbian. Then I remembered I'd have to eat pussy, so I said forget it.

Emmett: I was talking to Dungeon Master Don, who wants to mumify me. Have you noticed that the world's getting weirder?

Brian: You know, he's a first. The first almost dead guy I sort of had sex with.
Michael: You had sex with Ted?
Emmett: You never had sex with Ted.
Michael: When did you have sex with--
Brian: Sort of sex. At this semi-orgy.

Debbie: I've always said it isn't who you love, it's how you love. Genitalia is simply God's way of accessorising.

Jennifer: He told the therapist that he likes dick.
Debbie: See, you already have something in common. I bet you were thinking you would never have anything to share again!

Justin: I like dick. I wanna get fucked by dick. I wanna suck dick. I like sucking dick. And I'm good at it, too.

Brian: Fuck groups!
Lindsay: I thought you did.
Brian: Occasionally. But it's only by invitation only.

Emmett: I once knew a guy who could tie a cherry stem into a knot with his tongue. I was afraid to let him blow me.

Ted: Check out his pecs.
Emmett: They're like, perfect.
Brian: They're like, implants.

Brian: What does the number of guys I do have to do with it?
Melanie: Well for once the fact that you screw everything that moves is your finest quality and your best defense.

Ted: Gay men and straight girls sleeping together....isn't that one of the signs of the apocalypse?

Brian: To go out in a blaze of glory. Like Cobain, James Dean... Hendrix. They're all legends. They'll always be young, and they will always be beautiful.
Michael: And they will always be dead.
Brian: Life's not worth living, if you don't take risks!

Michael: Do you have anything to say for yourself?
Brian: Yes, cover your teeth.

Brian: Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to hell.

Debbie: Yeah, well, you can't dictate to your kids about how to live their life or who to love. And the more you do, the worse it gets.
Carl: Sounds like we're talking from personal experience here.
Debbie: My son's seeing somebody who's HIV-positive.
Carl: Holy shit.
Debbie: That's what I said. But try talking to him and he'll bite your head off.

Ben: So, what's Vic's new boyfriend like?
Michael: They're so alike, it's uncanny.
Ben: What, same interests, same temperament?
Michael: Same disease. They're both positive.
Ben: Oh. Where'd you get that?
Michael: I found it, wrapped up in the garbage.
Ben: Michael! Michael, I've used it! Just put it down!
Michael: You know, seeing Vic and his new boyfriend, that really made me think, you know? Maybe you're right. Maybe you should be with a pos guy.
Ben: No. No, I was upset when I said that. I didn't mean that.
Michael: Maybe that pos guy should be me.
Ben: Michael, please!
Michael: Please what? All it would take is a quick jab in a vein and - be over in a flash. I'd hardly feel a thing and then I'd be just like you.
Ben: I don't want you to be like me.
Michael: You said you want someone who knows what you're going through. Who wakes up every morning and suddenly remembers, 'hey, that's right, I've got this thing.' Who thinks every time he gets a cold or the flu, this is it, this is the end. Who's filled with resentment and anger 'cause he can never have kids, and who has to shoot himself up with steroids because his lover died, and he's scared shitless he's next. And who has to drive away the person he loves, and who loves him, because he doesn't understand! Well, now I will!
Ben: No, please, please, don't. For God's sake, STOP!
Michael: No, you stop! Stop using this shit. Stop hurting yourself - and stop hurting us.

Ben: I've decided to stop using the steroids.
Michael: Good for you.
Ben: They are counterproductive to my healing.
Michael: Why don't you just say they've turned you into a raving shit?
Ben: All right, they have turned me into a raving shit. I'm sorry.
Michael: Thanks. But you're apologizing for the wrong thing.
Ben: Well, what then?
Michael: You're the brainy professor, you figure it out.
Ben: Okay, I'm sorry for saying that I should find someone who's positive. That was the drugs talking.
Michael: No, it was you! Don't make excuses. If that's what you want, then do it!
Ben: It's not what I want. I want you.
Michael: At 9 o'clock on Tuesday morning? What about 10?
Ben: I will feel the same at 10, and 11, and 12.
Michael: You really going to stop?
Ben: I already have. Now, why don't you get dressed and come with me?
Michael: It's not my world. I don't belong there.
Ben: You belong with me.

Justin: I gave it some thought and decided you should take me back.
Brian: Oh?
Justin: Even though I've made a few mistakes, I think you'd be making an even bigger one not giving me a second chance.
Brian: I see.
Justin: Cause now I understand what it is you want of me. And I know what I can expect from you.
Brian: You also understand you'll be required to work long, hard hours -- sometimes deep into the night?
Justin: It would be a pleasure to work under you...Sir.
Brian: And you're never to play violin music in my presence again.
Justin: I promise.
Brian: Good. Well then, you can start immediately.

Michael: What is it about gay men that they'll invent any excuse just to show their dicks?
Vic: Because it's fun?

Debbie: Tuna and macaroni. It was your favorite when you were a kid.
Brian: No, it wasn't.
Debbie: Don't argue with me, you fucking loved it.

Brian: I think I'm experiencing possession withdrawal. I need to lie down.
Justin: Good thing you didn't sell your bed.
Brian: I'd rather sell a kidney.